Mission Support

Strategy Sessions

While we were conducting research on the top churches in Columbus, We noticed a gap in the quality of the vision, mission & strategies of most churches. We wanted to help. At the end of last year, our founder offered his services free to pastors in the Columbus area. He is an executive consultant who […]

Filling a Niche

There’s a man, who we will call Scott. Scott grew up in Commercial Point, Ohio just south of Columbus. He and his brother were raised by a single mom. When Scott was a young adolescent, his mother was approached in a grocery store by a Christ follower. They talked about Jesus. Within a couple weeks, […]

Excellence in Speaking

As I step into the next chapter of my career, I find myself increasingly more on stage. I’ve listened to thousands of speeches from hundreds of speakers in my life. The amazing ones are standouts. My goal as a speaker has always been to be excellent. Sometimes I deliver to that standard and sometimes I […]

Live Shame Free

Since the beginning of time, God has made covenants with humans: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David. Unfortunately, the most frequently referenced covenant today is one that doesn’t apply to us, the Mosaic Covenant. It has to do with the Ten Commandments and the other 600+ laws the people of Israel had to follow. This […]

Our Unfair Advantage

Imagine if you could get the crystal clear purpose for your life. There are countless stories of children who were told what they could become by a teacher or coach and they went on to do just that. Such is the power of the spoken word. Would you be ready for it? Would you believe […]

We’ve Been Sent

It almost seems absurd that our only goal is sharing the gospel. Sure, our goal is presenting it to 2.5M people, but it’s a very, very focused mission: send out some for everyone to hear it. To some it may not seem like enough. It is. God told us his word always produces. “It is […]

Small Beginnings

We’re confident when we say “our mission is to share the gospel with everyone in the greater Columbus area.” We can tell you how many counties and ZIP Codes are represented. We can tell you how many people and churches are in that area. We have a strategy and we have tactics that we are […]


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