Imagine if you could get the crystal clear purpose for your life.

There are countless stories of children who were told what they could become by a teacher or coach and they went on to do just that. Such is the power of the spoken word. Would you be ready for it? Would you believe it? Would you pursue it? Would you dedicate your life to achieving it? I think you would.

Many people I talk to are searching for their individual purpose. One of the most critical things they want to know is “why am I here on earth?”

All too frequently however, people are distracted by the grind of life. They feel compelled to get educated, get married, have a family, and provide for them. They pick a career that may or may not be the best fit because someone thought it would be good for them or one of their friends did it. Regardless of achieved success or not, many go on to feel unfulfilled in life.

Imagine if, for every big decision we had to make, we were able to consult the smartest person in the world on that given topic. Not the best person in our area, but literally the most qualified person in the world. This could be related to a hobby, healthcare, investing, marriage, or career planning.

Would we follow their advice? Probably. Why? It would be stupid for us not to. We would have a huge advantage over those that couldn’t get advice from the leading world expert.

Let’s imagine that person could only share one sentence with you. What would he or she say? Likely wouldn’t be something very specific. For instance, the world’s best bass fisherman wouldn’t say “this is a hook.” They would say something like “learn everything you can about bass.”

What if that expert cared for you as much as your mom, spouse, or best friend? They would want to give you the absolute best advice possible. In fact, they may try to follow up with you. They may offer you more instructions over a period of time. Based on your progress, they may even formally coach you to be the best you can be.

Suppose that person knows you better than anyone else. They know what makes you tick and they know what you enjoy doing. They not only can see your potential but are able to increase it. That would be quite an advantage for you. In fact, some might say that gives you an unfair advantage.

Regardless if you go on to be the best fisherman in the history of the world or can help all of the neighborhood kids catch fish in the local pond, you have likely become the best fisherman you can be.

The crazy thing is, there is somebody smarter than the world’s best expert and somebody that loves you more than a parent. His entire purpose on earth was for you could live your life to the fullest. It’s God. And he knows you better than anyone. He knows exactly what you are capable of achieving and exactly what you need for personal fulfillment. I know it not just because that’s what the bible tells me, but because it’s happened to me. And not just me, but many people I know.

God’s wants you to know your purpose in life, to fulfill it, and to enjoy everything it brings.

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