I was watching a documentary on YouTube about Coca Cola. It showed the magic that happens at their bottling plants around the world to keep up with demand for their product. Every day, 1.9 billion servings of their drinks are purchased. They have access to 99% of the world’s population.

Read that again, almost 2 billion servings EVERY DAY. Access to the POPULATION OF EARTH. As such, they have the most valuable brand on the planet. They are the largest and beverage company in the world, with over 900 manufacturing and bottling plants.

It requires a globally orchestrated team working around the clock to ensure quality and quantity of product delivered. In addition, the company pays millions of dollars to each of the senior leadership team members to expand that market dominance. Here are a look at a couple of the growth roles.

Francisco Crespo is Senior Vice President and Chief Growth Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. A 28-year company veteran, Crespo leads the company’s integrated global marketing, corporate strategy, and customer and commercial leadership teams with a clear mandate for driving global growth.

Robert Long is the Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. In this role, he leads work to accelerate the growth of the company’s consumer-centric brand portfolio with hundreds of new products and continued innovation in beverages, packaging, ingredients and other areas of the business around the world.

This is what stood out to me: 900 locations make the product, they have an integrated global effort, and they work on new products and continued innovation. That is what is required to maintain current demand and build for the future.

Now, let’s take a look at the Columbus area. There are about 1000 churches in the immediate vicinity of our city. Only 20% of the population are practicing believers. There is almost an equal percent of people who have never heard the gospel. A majority of the population does not think the gospel is true or that God is for them personally.

The church, unlike Coca-Cola, does not have an integrated approach. The local churches are our “bottling plants.” Every local church operates in almost complete independence and isolation of every other one. The rate of innovation inside and outside of the church is abysmal, certainly among 80% of the churches and even in the top 10% of them.

Maybe it’s time that we had a unified front. It could be time to be strategic about how we reach the city. Perhaps our impact would be significantly higher if we joined and developed hyper local gospel solutions for the communities, neighborhoods, and cities in our metropolitan area.

What if we deeply considered our segments, areas of need, joint strengths and weaknesses, and potential capabilities—then were intentional about reaching everyone in the city together. Imagine if our “love for each other” was a dominant trait that amazed the public. Jeremiah tells us that a triple-braided cord cannot easily be broken. That’s unity.

This is what God wants from us. It’s what he told us to do. Somehow, we’ve gotten away from it. Now is a seminal moment in Columbus’ history. We have a chance to redefine our destiny, how God can impact this city through us working together.

Let us join as leaders, as multiple denominations, and as hundreds of thousands of Christ followers and share the good news with everyone. Ask God what he would want from you.

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