While we were conducting research on the top churches in Columbus, We noticed a gap in the quality of the vision, mission & strategies of most churches. We wanted to help.
At the end of last year, our founder offered his services free to pastors in the Columbus area. He is an executive consultant who specializes in strategy and innovation. Several responded and the sessions are ongoing.
Pastor Cody Balch of Good News Church in Powell had this to say, “I came out of my time with Adam Ward with a greater focus on our mission, fresh ideas to help meet the opportunities God has given us, and a challenge to continue thinking hard about the why and the how in our church’s context.
Adam is a coach and his process of asking questions is very different than what typical consultants do. He doesn’t try to rewrite the purpose of your church, only to enhance it and connect it better so that your congregation can be further inspired and involved.
His employment history includes three Global Fortune 100 companies and his client list spans multiple industries including organizations from the Air Force to Harvard University. He regularly speaks at conferences and lectures at the graduate level for Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business.
Having been in the church for nearly 40 years, studied seminary books, served on multiple boards, been a part of several capital campaigns, lead ministries, and coached many pastors; he understands the purpose and operation of the local church well.
If you would like to have a free, 4-6 hour session, please email adam@wiiwt.com to schedule.


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