We’re confident when we say “our mission is to share the gospel with everyone in the greater Columbus area.” We can tell you how many counties and ZIP Codes are represented. We can tell you how many people and churches are in that area. We have a strategy and we have tactics that we are employing, but by no means do we have it all figured out.

Every week we’re learning something new, meeting someone new, or trying something new. We measure our success on one metric, the number of unique visitors to our website from Central Ohio. It’s our homepage that has a 27-word, 15-second presentation of the Gospel.

Sure, we have follow-up steps that you can take, podcasts you can listen to, a map of great churches in the Columbus area you can visit but we want to make sure everyone has heard the gospel.

The visits are steady, with most coming as a result of our print collateral being left places or handed to people. It’s small, but it is building. We are taking comfort in the words to Zechariah when Zerubbabel was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, “don’t despise these small beginnings.”

Beginning. We’re committed to growth and expansion. We’ve made it so simple everyone can help while living their lives. The response rate to our material has been 25-50% so you can know your effort makes a difference.

Time is precious. Helping us can fit right into your normal routine, only you won’t be a “normal” Christ follower. You’ll be one of the few, actively propagating the gospel across our city. You know your streets, your stores, and the people in the areas you frequent. We don’t. Your involvement could transform someone’s life, maybe dozens or hundreds of lives.

Check us out. Try something easy. Be a part.

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We're a Columbus, Ohio based group of volunteers helping people connect with local church communities. We all have questions. What if it was true?