Month: January 2018

Columbus Churches Unite!

There seems to be a call for unification across churches in the Columbus area. This is the theme I have been hearing on a regular basis. What does unification mean? People have used it to describe things from congregational harmony to a single universal church. However, I would like to offer up a simple definition […]

1,200 People Praying for You!

1,200 people are participating in a Columbus citywide prayer and fasting time for 40 days. Each morning, a short devotional is sent out to all of them. There is a topical focus to all to pray for as well schools, people groups, and geographical areas. In addition to this daily element, a weekly, Wednesday morning […]

Unified Church for Columbus

As believers, we are the Church. We associate with local congregations, but we are all part of a bigger Church. We belong to Jesus. As the Church, we were told to love each other, to show unity, and to make disciples. We know our fellow Christ followers from Sunday morning, but do we know the […]


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