If you were raised in the church, there is a high probability Easter and the resurrection account is just another bible story. Many of us have seen it acted out countless times. It is easy for the story to be ordinary or common. But it’s truly extraordinary!

In what world would a deity become human and be willing to be murdered the most cruel way known despite being 100% innocent?

No world. But it is our world. Our reality. As humans, we fall short of God’s standard for holiness. That prevents us from spending eternity with him. A blood sacrifice must be made for our mistakes. Jesus became that penultimate sacrifice, choosing to die in our place so we could spend forever in heaven with him.

Easter doesn’t celebrate his death. No, despite the low possibility someone might be willing to do that same thing, he did something even more incredible and meaningful. He came back to life three days later!!

His followers were so blown away by this that instead of being the cowards they were the day before his death, they boldly defied the same people who had him killed.

They couldn’t keep their mouth shut. It was simply too amazing for them. They told everyone they could. His life was beyond belief, his death was undeserved and his resurrection was mind boggling.

The entire Christian faith is built not on the Bible—the Bible serves as a record for it—but on the fact that Jesus died and rose again. The church grew because his followers HAD to tell people.

Easter is our time to recognize the utter miracle after miracle after miracle Jesus demonstrated before, during and after his death on the cross.

You may have never heard this before or you may have heard it 10,000 times. What if it was true? It could change your life.

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