As believers, we are the Church. We associate with local congregations, but we are all part of a bigger Church. We belong to Jesus. As the Church, we were told to love each other, to show unity, and to make disciples. We know our fellow Christ followers from Sunday morning, but do we know the ones on our street? Two streets over? Our neighborhood? Our zip code? I sure don’t. I mean, I know several people who are, but nowhere near all of them.

Franklin County, Ohio has forty-four residential zip codes. It’s difficult to get the actual number of churches (somewhere north of 530), let alone the number of “little Christs.” That number could be 500,000 or a million. Imagine that many people working together, unified to reach their streets, neighborhoods, and zip codes for God, sharing the Good News with those who don’t believe and those who have never heard.

It would change a city. A unified Church. No bickering over minor doctrinal issues or the quality of the worship or preaching at other places. Church leadership working together, not engaged in petty turf wars over attendees. We’re all crucial. Let’s cross the roads and cities and work together, as members of His Church, the Bride of Christ.

How can we do it? Focus on the mission of Jesus, to seek and save the lost. We have to get past our ritualistic Sunday worship experience as enough and look to what we can do outside of those walls between services, for those who don’t know.

We’re creating a brand that points to Jesus’ work. It’s called “What If It Was True?” or WIIWT for short. We point people to our website. We’ve made it easy to share the gospel. We’ve simplified down to less than thirty words. They read or watch a 15-second explanation of the gospel. There’s no sell, we’re trusting God’s Spirit to convince visitors.

The website is basic. There is a map of Columbus with over sixty, healthy, visitor-friendly churches listed if they want to visit one. We have a list of nearly a dozen excellent podcasts to listen to. We have business-card size flyers and door hangers available for you to pass out if you want. We’re using #WIIWT on our social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We would love for you to use the hashtag also. Like or Follow us on each and then share our posts with your friends and followers. Let’s get the message out there!!!

Others ways to help? We have that too in case you ask “How can I Help?” Want to support us? We have a Donate section. There are videos on our background and mission. We have a page for everyone who has volunteered to help us. Be a part of the Church in Columbus changing our city. Join us!!

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We're a Columbus, Ohio based group of volunteers helping people connect with local church communities. We all have questions. What if it was true?