1,200 people are participating in a Columbus citywide prayer and fasting time for 40 days. Each morning, a short devotional is sent out to all of them. There is a topical focus to all to pray for as well schools, people groups, and geographical areas. In addition to this daily element, a weekly, Wednesday morning prayer call is held. People dial in from all around to city to pray for Columbus for an hour.

The overwhelming theme each week is that God would sweep over our city and change it, that there would literally be freedom for those being held mentally captive by depression, anxiety, hurt, anger, and bitterness.

I hear a prayer for harvesters and laborers, for an Army of believers. This is Christian-ese for a group of people that will share the gospel with others. We have that group of people. They’re in 1,000 churches scattered around our metropolis. That’s me. That’s you. That’s the person greeting you at church. There are hundreds of thousands of us, that unified, would be an unstoppable force.

It’s why we started WIIWT, So all 2.5 million people in the Columbus area can hear the true gospel of Christ. We’re not asking you to share the gospel yourself, we’re just asking you to point them to our website. We’ll share it with them. We just want you to make the introduction for us. Can you do that?

What would you do if you knew you had 1200 people praying for you and praying for you to succeed? Just imagine what your neighborhood would look like. What could happen to those suffering daily, living a hopeless life? It changed me. It changed you. Let’s let it change someone else. Join us and share our website with everyone you know. We have the Good News. Let’s share it!

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