The Bible says the last thing Jesus told his disciples before leaving earth was to go to  the whole world and make disciples, teaching them everything he had taught them. Despite this “great commission,” personal evangelism is one of the most difficult things for a Christ follower to do.

We can feel one of many emotions (embarrassment, fear, shame, incompetence, etc.) that keep us from doing what we know we should be doing—telling others about the gospel. It’s a super simple concept:

  1. Everyone has done wrong (sin)
  2. Jesus died for all wrong (sin)
  3. God brought Jesus back from the dead

Just because we share the gospel message doesn’t mean we’re going to lead them in a prayer for “salvation.” Eventually, we may do that but it’s not our job to convince someone to “accept Christ.” The Holy Spirit does the convincing.

WIIWT is here to make it easier for you to share the gospel with people. All you have to do is share one of our links with them via text, email or on one of your social media sites. We’re not a church. We don’t go into a bunch of biblical beliefs. We just have the gospel message and what to do if they want to hear more.

Join our movement to tell all 2.5 million residents in the Columbus, Ohio area.  Say something unique or just copy and paste this: Hey, have you heard? Check out the website

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